Scientific articles submitted to the editorial board undergo reviewing procedure.

Article reviewing forms:

  • internal (papers are reviewed by editorial team);
  • external (papers are sent to top experts in corresponding subject matter for reviewing).

Executive secretary ascertains whether the article complies with the journal format and meets layout requirements. Then the article is sent for reviewing to an expert, Doctor of Science whose specialist field is closest to the article subject.

Within 10 days executive secretary notifies authors of receipt of the article.

Reviewing timescale in each specific case is specified by executive secretary with due consideration of speedy publication of the article.

Review must cover the following issues:

  • whether article matter corresponds the topic stated in the title;
  • to what extent the article fits the modern achievements of scientific and theoretical idea;
  • whether this article is apprehensible to readers in relation to language, style, material layout, clarity of tables, diagrams and figures etc;
  • whether publication of this article is worthwhile considering previously published papers on this question;
  • benefits and drawbacks of the article, corrections and additions that are to be made by the author;
  • decision as to possible publication of this paper in the journal: “recommended”, “recommended with rectification of deficiencies specified by reader” or “not recommended”.

Reviews are attested according to the procedure established by organization that employs the reader.

If article is rejected editorial board forwards a reasonable refuse to the author.

Article which is not recommended for publishing by the reader will not be reconsidered. Text of negative review is sent to the author by e-mail, fax or paper mail.

Positive review is not a sufficient ground for article publication. Final decision is left to the editorial team.

After editorial team has accepted the article for publication executive secretary informs the author and notifies terms of publication.

Original versions of reviews are stored by editorial team and in editorial board of scholarly journal “Vestnik Yuzhno-Ural’skogo gosudarstvennogo universiteta” (“Herald of South Ural State University”), series “Obrazovanie, zdravookhranenie, fizicheskaya kul’tura” (“Education, health care, physical education”).