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Purpose. Improving the efficiency of surgical treatment of patients with chronic pancreatitis.

Material and methods. Duodenum resection of the pancreatic head is made of 107 patients. Acute pancreatitis had a history in 78 patients, 46 had previous one-off, 16 - repeated interventions for recurrent pseudocysts and their complications. Pseudocysts were observed in 68 patients, pancreatic fistula - in 14 patients, biliary hypertension - in 37 patients, of whom 22 identified jaundice.

Results. Postoperative mortality was not. Complications occurred in 27 (25 %) patients were operated 9 (8.4% ) or bleeding - 4 , insolvency or pancreatodigestive gepatikoeyunoanastomoza - 3, intestinal obstruction - 1 , due to the festering wound eventration - 1. Long-term results were studied in 76 ( 71%) in the period from 6 months to 8 years (3 ± 0,5 years). Disappearance of pain noted 56 (73.7 %) patients , vocational rehabilitation was achieved in 44 (57.9 %). 7 patients re- operated on for obstructive jaundice and 2 - or bleeding associated with pseudoaneurysm rupture of blood vessels.

Conclusion. Duodenum resection fibroznoizmenennoy head cancer with / or without imposing pankreatikoeyunoanastomoza leads to the elimination of pain and most of the complications of chronic pancreatitis. The presence of bile hypertension and obstructive jaundice requires the imposition gepatikoeyuno or biliopancreatives anastomosis.

Keywords: chronic pancreatitis, duodenum resection, pancreatic pseudocysts, pancreatic fibrosis, changes in the main pancreatic duct, biliary hypertension.