Volume 15, no. 1
Pages 64-69

Objective: To provide theoretical foundation and experimental check of technique developing flexibility in young taekwondoers (10–12 years old). Research involved testing with goniometer: we estimated active flexibility (strength hold of leg in forward position, sideways and backwards with given angles of flexing, abduction and unbending of the hip in hip joint); we estimated passive flexibility (i.e. measured the angles between hips in splits position (cross and side splits)). We also estimated overall body joint mobility (general flexibility). By the end of our research we revealed that spinal and pelvic arch flexibility parameters in all active and passive flexibility tests were higher in experimental group than in control group of young taekwondoers which shows that our technique developing flexibility in young taekwondoers (10–12 years old) is effective. At studying features of active and passive flexibility we evolved theoretical basis of effective flexibility development in martial arts fighters, elaborated and experimentally checked technique developing flexibility in taekwondoers at 10–12.

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