Volume 15, no. 1
Pages 9-13

To develop general model of territory touristic potential assessment in reliance on the database of regional touristic resources, and to integrated the named model into university educational process. The main tool used in development of general model of territory touristic potential assessment is the database of touristic resources and touristic infrastructure of the territory. The database is updated at predetermined intervals and contains information on different objects for the certain subject area. The study involves applied and practice-oriented research methods: we investigate functional features of touristic and recreational resources for different kinds of tourism (technological assessment); level of comfort (physiological assessment); aesthetical qualities of touristic and recreational resources (psychological assessment). The model of touristic potential assessment is presented in the following structure: designed touristic passports of certain districts of the Chelyabinsk Region (8 districts), infological model-based development and production of database forms, inquiries and reports on regional natural complexes, objects of historical and cultural heritage, means of accommodation, public catering facilities, cultural and leisure facilities; the model is used in educational activity at forming professional competences in touristic students. General model of territory touristic potential assessment in reliance on the database of regional touristic resources will allow estimation of touristic potential in the context of possible developing of promising directions and kinds of tourism, attraction of foreign investors and developing of touristic programs. It will also contribute to revealing of beneficial and negative impacts of territory development and to refinement of touristic attraction of the assessed territory.

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