The editorial policy of the journal is based on the traditional ethical principles of the Russian scientific periodicals and constructed with regard to ethical work of editors and publishers, enshrined in the Code of Conduct and best practice guidelines for the editor (Code of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors) and the Code of Conduct for a magazine publisher (Code of Conduct for Journal Publishers), developed by the Committee on Ethics of publication - Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE). In the process of publishing the editorial board is guided by international rules of copyright protection, the existing legislation of the Russian Federation, international publishing standards. Editorial asks authors to be guided by the following rules and accompanying documents accompanying samples.

  1. Article available in both printed and electronic versions in Russian or English. The electronic version must be identical to the fully printed. Printed version of the work must be signed by all authors.
  2. Submitted to the journal article should be complete and may include scientific research, new scientific results.
  3. Not allowed direction Received articles already published or sent for publication in other journals. The author is responsible for the content of the article. Editors have the right to withdraw the published article, if it turns out that in the process of publication of the article had been violated someone's rights or generally accepted standards of scientific ethics. The fact of withdrawal shall inform the revision of article author.
  4. The printed version of the article is accompanied by:
    — act examination of the possibility of publication in the press (see sample: expert.doc);
    — license agreement granting the right to use the product on a nonexclusive basis (see sample: dogovor.doc);
    — act of acceptance and transfer of the product (see the sample: akt.doc);
    — consent to the processing of personal data (see sample: anketa.doc).
    License agreement and an acceptance of transfer executed by each co-author in two copies, consent to the processing of personal data - in one instance. By signing the license agreement, the author guarantees that the article is an original work of the author. Copyright ensures that the right not to violate the rights of other individuals or organizations.
  5. Editor in Chief has a policy of prevention and management of editorial conflict.
  6. When you send an e-mail an article to be attached to the letter as an archive (zip or rar), named with transliteration. For example:, avtor1_avtor2_nazvanie.rar.
  7. The printed version is accompanied by information about the author, who prepared the manuscript and will interact with the editors in preparing the manuscript for publication: telephone number and email address for immediate feedback.
  8. Editorial produces artistic, literary and other improvements submitted manuscripts.
  9. The decision to publish is taken on the basis of the editorial board of the review expert in this or a related field . Final date for receipt of the editor is the date of the modified in accordance with the comments of the reviewer of the manuscript. If the authors ignore the recommendations of the reviewer , the article will not be published . Authors can motivate his refusal to follow the recommendations of the reviewer in writing. In this case, the authors of expository writing is transferred to the reviewer who agrees or disagrees with the authors. In case of disagreement with the authors of the reviewer will not be published article about which the authors are notified by an official letter with the wording of the impossibility ( inexpedient ) publication of the article in its present form . Editorial ethics provides a fair and impartial review process , independent of commercial interests and market needs.
  10. Board with the authors for an article will be charged.
  11. The editors reserve the right not to accept work, decorated with deviations from these rules.
  12. Not accepted for publication manuscripts and accompanying documents are not returned.
  13. Submission of articles to the journal Bulletin of SUSU, a series of " Education, health, physical culture" means you agree with the authors set out the rules and accept the deployment of a full version of the article on the Internet on the official website of the Scientific Electronic Library eLIBRARY.RU, and a section of the website of the South Ural State University «Вестник ЮУрГУ» freely available, and using personal data in the open press.