Volume 14, no. 4
Pages 42-47

The objective of the research was to investigate the effectiveness photodynamic therapy (PDT) for endobronchial lung cancer. Thirty one patients with central lung cancer stages I–IV were included in the study. Endobronchial PDT was performed with 662 nm laser light delivered through cylinder diffusing tip quartz fibers that was passed through the biopsy channel of a flexible endoscope 2.5–3 h after intravenous injection of the photosensitizer photolon or radachlorin (1.4–2.1 mg/kg body weight). After 3–6 weeks the initial laser treatment we performed control of changes in the patient's complaints, lung function, and also performed endoscopic and radiological control. More than 80 % of the examined noted a decrease or disappearance of previously presented complaints: dyspnea, cough, hemoptysis; 13 % – did not find any changes after PDT. Vital capacity (VC) increased by 380–420 ml, forced expiratory volume in. 1 second (FEV1) – by 27–30 %. Endoscopic and X-ray examination showed positive dynamics in the form of recanalization of the lumen of the bronchi, atelectasis and reduced ventilation abnormalities in 75 % of subjects.

PDT of endobronchial lung cancer effectively reduces the amount of lumen obstruction, and improves the patient's quality of life. It may be an effective palliative treatment with minor side effects on patients with advanced bronchial lung cancer.

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