Volume 14, no. 3
Pages 61-65

Objective: to develop technology of new pharmaceutical form of succinic acid with enhanced biopharmaceutical properties and to study some pharmacological properties. Material and methods: suppositories were made using the pouring technique. Antimicrobic effect of suppositories was estimated in experiments in vivo on strains of Staphylococcus аureus strain 209, Escherichia coli strain М-17, Pseudomonas aeruginosa strain 4/1 и Candida аlbicans strain 18/1. Membrane-protective and antioxidant effects were tested experimentally on biological model that was made as medium containing paramecia (Parameticum caudatum). Antitoxic effect on heavy metals was measured in experiments in vitro by complexometry. Results: to develop optimum composition and technology of suppositories we used 12 different compounds of which the most complete release of succinic acid was observed from compositions containing PEG 4000. We found out that suppositories with succinic acid at a dilution of 1:100 have non-selective antimicrobic effect on gram-positive, gram-negative bacteria and yeast-like fungi, have membrane-stabilizing and antioxidant effects, decrease toxic effect of heavy metal. Findgings: to enhance biopharmaceutical properties of succinic acid we developed technology of producing of rectal pharmaceutical form possessing complex effect.

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