Volume 14, no. 2
Pages 96-99

Objective: to estimate efficiency of self-hypnosis text model at physical conditioning of young sportsmen. Material and methods: we picked characteristics for hetero-hypnosis text from lexicon for automatic analysis of phonetic meaning. We focused on total sample of “sound-letters”, selected attributes and symbolism of language sign, and at that we considered universal symbolism of language sign and specifics of “sport sub-language”. Resulting model after suggestive analysis is deemed a suggestive hetero-hypnosis text and is used in target-specific physical conditioning. We studied how factors of modeled (EM) and intuitively generated (EI) texts influence the result changes in testing exercises aimed to control the physical conditioning level of young sportsmen from initial training groups. Our study involved over 200 athletes practicing various kinds of sports. Findings: performed single-factor analysis of variance showed essential improvement in efficiency of young sportsmen’ training activity based on qualitative change of verbal hetero-hypnosis carried out by coach. Modeled universal hetero-hypnosis texts have the major influence on result change in level of physical conditions specific for certain kind of sports. The most prominent efficiency of model text by physical qualities and certain groups of sportsmen is the following: endurance – young track-and-field athletes (19.42 %), strength – young judokas (63.15 %), flexibility – young swimmers (68.07 %). Positive dynamics of physical condition level in EM of all kinds of sports covered by experiment was more intensive than in EI. After of observation stages in EI we noted insignificant changes (p > 0.05) in set of parameters meanwhile in EM result alterations for control exercises were all significant though at decreasing level of significance. Conclusion: model texts with pre-defined phono-semantic attributes led to prominent alterations in physical condition level of young sportsmen from EM groups. It means that at this training stage those particular attributes are optimal to provide observed changes and physical conditioning of young sportsmen with various profiles.

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