Volume 14, no. 2
Pages 67-70

Objective: to study age and gender specifics of external respiration function in adolescents with different living conditions and to validate technique of effective adolescent adaptation in foster family. Research organization and methods: dynamic research involved: 48 adolescents of both genders aged 12–15 from foster families (24 girls and 24 boys); 26 girls and 27 boys living in usual families; 25 girls and 25 boys living in social rehabilitation center (shelter). External respiration function (ERF) was examined with “Eton” unit made by “NeuroSoft” company from Ivanovo. Findings: adolescents from usual families had significant differences only at age of 15. Foster adolescents had significant differences at all ages (Р < 0.01–0.001) at general tendency of physiological changes in bronchial patency. Adolescents from usual families did not have significant differences at general physiological property at all ages. Conclusion: results of analysis performed in this part of our research draw us to conclusion that bronchial patency state index (BPSI) and maximal breathing capacity depend on environmental conditions. In ecologically unfriendly megalopolis there were no adolescents with normal BPSI. Changes significantly depended on adolescents’ move for foster families as well as on motor activity (MA), behaviour and gender of the subjects. Main factors included MA and relative factors of behaviour in foster family (decrease in number of smokers and inhalants addicts).

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