Volume 14, no. 2
Pages 30-34

During research we tested techniques of young swimmers’ training process (TP). These techniques implying aerobic action are aimed to develop strength endurance with complex of physical actions (PA) applied and to form initial basis of capacities at preseason stages. Technique ratio at general preparatory stage was 50 % to 50 %. Half PAs were focused on local-regional muscle endurance (LRME) development, and the other part of training was dedicated to special cyclic PAs. At special preparatory stage technique ratio was 40 % to 60 %. The following stage up to one month long was interference stage (transition from moving capacities to technical PAs of actual kind of sports). Artificial controlling medium with PA complex including ones with resistance to performed technical actions made it possible to preserve ability of survey panel to adapt to the period of socially significant competitions. Considered PA in the water was performed along with set of exercises in the strength training room.

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