Volume 14, no. 2
Pages 14-18

Objective: to define features of aggressive behavior manifestations of adolescents, and to investigate socio-instructional and psychological conditions at which techniques of aggressive behavior correction receive effective implementation. Material and methods: we used the complex of theoretical and empirical methods, Buss-Durkee hostility inventory. The study involved 60 children aged 13-15 engaged in different kinds of sports (judo, karate; handball, basketball; ski race, swimming, skating). Experimental subjects included handball-players from sports school №13, Chelyabinsk. Findings: analysis of “general” aggression in adolescents showed a high level of aggression in athletes engaged in such sports as judo and karate – 46%. In teens engaged in sport games (handball, basketball) and sport-technical kinds of sports (skiing, swimming, skating) the values were 22% and 18% correspondingly. Aggression values in adolescents have high rate only in two following forms: fretful temper (74%) and resentment (56%). Conclusions: sport is a unique mechanism for containing the spread of violence and aggression. Developed game set aimed to correct adolescent aggressive manifestations does not fully solve the stated problem so that it is necessary to develop and introduce comprehensive program.

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