Volume 13, no. 1
Pages 17-21

Systematic study of functional and metabolic state of the athletes performed two days after returning from the mountains to the plains. Blood system, electrolyte, protein, lipid and water metabolism, functional indicators of the stomach and liver, hormonal and enzymatic activity allowed to judge the impact of the mountain climate conditions in athletes training on the functional system of the body. Similar comprehensive noninvasive tests we have not met in the available literature. Our findings suggest about the influence factors of middle and training process on the functional and metabolic state of athletes, timely detect deviations from the reference boundaries and adjust the available shifts. 

The main objective of the cascade mountain training - increase endurance athletes remote sports. However, the return to the plain causes redistribution in links regulation of the functional status, voltage and requires individual time deakklimatizatsii physical performance and recovery (FR).

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