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Series «Education, health, physical culture» of the South Ural State University Bulletin was created in 2008. Nowadays it is published four times a year.

The main task of the magazine is to spread on the territory of Russia, CIS and far abroad information about the scientific research carried out by scientists and leading specialists, forming around the journal scientific schools and directions, information support priority scientific research, popularization of advanced scientific ideas. Promoting and developing methodological guidelines related over named areas and their implementation.

The main purpose of the editorial board of the series "Education, health, physical culture," is the propaganda of modern scientific physiological and medical technology, sports technologies, including recovery, evaluation of functional and metabolic state, modeling and forecasting in the sphere of sports through the supercomputing technology.


  • Health-improving technologies in educational process
  • Integrative physiology
  • Health care topical issues
  • Issues of motor activity and sports

The articles in this magazine are directly accessible to everyone, based on the principle that free and open access to research results helps to increase public knowledge.

We invite all authors to share the goals and objectives of the Bulletin of the South Ural State University, series "Education, health, physical culture." Your results may be presented in the form of both review and original articles, as well as (for young scientists and graduate students) in the form of short messages.